Quit India Revolution was declared by the Indian National Congress after the failure of _?

Answer: [B] Cripps Mission

Cripps Mission stated that “India would be a dominion associated with the United Kingdom”
It promised that immediately after the war is stopped, steps would be taken up to set up an elected body charged with the task of making the constitution for India and provisions would be made so that the Indian states could participate in the framing of the constitution. But Cripps mission was rejected by almost all the political parties present at that time:
The Cripps mission which was a move to appease the Congress, Muslim League and Indian states at the same time was rejected by all of them.
Gandhi wanted an undivided India; Muslim league wanted a separate Pakistan
Congress demanded a full control over defense “stating that a slave country cannot have any inspiration”.
Muslim league said there was inadequate representation of Muslims
Sikhs rejected because of non accession of provinces.
Hindu Mahasabha rejected because the “Pakistan Virus” was alive.
The Dalits and depressed classed also rejected because there was nothing new for them.

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