Which of the following religious text describes Brahmavarta as the region between the rivers Saraswati and Drishadwati in India?

Answer: [A] Manusmriti

The Hindu religious text Manusmriti describes Brahmavarta as the region between the rivers Sarasawti and Drishadwati in India. The earliest of the Hindu sacred text, Rig-Veda refers to the Saprasindhava, Panchanada, Madhyadesha and Praki. These were perhaps the first references to the emergence of regions. The geographical location of these regions suggests that the Indo- Aryans preferred to settle down along the banks of the rivers-Sindhu (Indus), Vitasta, Jhelum), Asikni also known Chandrabhaga (Chenab). There is a general agreement that the region known as Panchanada included the plains of the five great eastern tributaries of the Sindhu River. Further east, the land between the Sarasawti and Drishadwati was known to the Indo-Aryan as Brahmavarta.

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