Consider the following:

  1. Mahabhinishkramana
  2. Upasikas
  3. Tathagat
  4. Syadvada

  Which of the above are associated to Buddhism?

Answer: [A] 1, 2 & 3 Only

Tathagat is a Pali and Sanskrit word; Gautama Buddha uses it when referring to himself. Tathagat is one who attained the truth. Syadvada is associated to Jainism. It states that all judgments are conditional, holding good only in certain conditions & circumstances. Upasaka (masculine) and Upasikas (feminine) were the titles given to followers of the Buddha who undertook certain vows, but were not monks, nuns, or monastics. Gautama Buddha left his family to become a ascetic in search of truth. This is called “the great departure' or Mahabhinishkramana.

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