Which of the following rivers is not included in the list of Seven Rivers that graced and nourished the first Aryan settlement?

Answer: [D] Charmanvati

Charmanvati is the ancient name of Chambal. There is a verse in Nadistuti sukta of Rig-Veda, hymn of praise of rivers which mentions the following 10 rivers: Ganga, Yamuna, Sarasvati, Sutudri, Parusni, Asikni, Marudvrdha, Vitasta, Arjikiya, and Susoma. The Shutudri was Sutlej, Parushni was Ravi, Asikni was Chenab and Vitasta was Jhelum. The 5 rivers Sutudri, Parusni, Asikni, Vitasta, and Vipas all were tributaries of Sindhu River. Together with Sarasawti and Sindhu, these 5 rivers constituted the Sapta Sindhu

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