Mains Mock Test Series 2017 Details

For the Integrated Target 2017 programme students, we are conducting a Mains Test Series 2017 with evaluation service. The cost of evaluation is included in the Target Programme Cost. This test series comprises of 12 full length tests.

Test Schedule & Link

The test papers will be uploaded in the below table as per tentative schedule and will also be sent to members as attachments in their email. You can download and print the papers, write answers and send back to us for evaluation.

Kindly note that last date to send the answer sheets for evaluation is 30 days from the date of publishing a test here. After that, it will not be possible to evaluate. However, you can download model / hint answers anytime once they are uploaded here.

Sr. No. Subject Date Question Paper Link Hint / Model Answers
1 GS-1 16-Jan-17 Click Here Click Here
2 GS-2 13-Feb-17 Click Here Click Here
3 GS-3 13-Mar-17 Click Here Click Here
4 GS-4 10-Apr-17 Click Here Click Here
5 GS-1 08-May-17 Click Here Click Here
6 GS-2 05-Jun-17 Click Here Click Here
7 GS-3 03-Jul-17 Click Here Click Here
8 GS-4 31-Jul-17 Click Here Click Here
9 GS-1 28-Aug-17 Click Here Click Here
10 GS-2 25-Sep-17 Click Here Click Here
11 GS-3 25-Sep-17 Click Here Click Here
12 GS-4 02-Oct-17 Click Here Click Here

Test Syllabus

All the 12 tests are full length and based on your entire syllabus of particular paper. Questions in paper 1, 2 & 3 are contemporary in nature.

How to submit answers

Kindly print the test paper on quality paper, write answers and scan your answer-sheet in good quality resolution. The scanned answer-sheet can be submitted to GKToday via email at

  • Please submit your answersheet as a single PDF document. Please refer this to understand how to club scanned images into a single pdf.
  • Your scanned answer sheet is printed this side for evaluation, so please make sure that the pdf is legible and we are able to read your answers comfortably.

Evaluation & Feedback

The answer sheets are evaluated by GKToday’s team members. The scanned copies of evaluated answer-sheets are sent to the members. Model / hint answers are shared by GKToday to all members of the programme on this page itself in the above table. Time taken in evaluation is around 12-15 days after receiving the papers this side.

Mains Mock Test Series Archive 2016

Mains Test Series -2016 Archive    
Mock Test No. Subject Question Paper Hint Answers
Mock Test-1 GS-I Click Here Click Here
Mock Test-2 GS-II Click Here Click Here
Mock Test-3 GS-III Click Here Click Here
Mock Test-4 GS-IV Click Here Click Here
Mock Test-5 GS-I Click Here Click Here
Mock Test-6 GS-II Click Here Click Here
Mock Test-7 GS-III Click Here Click Here
Mock Test-8 GS-IV Click Here Click Here
*The above test series was conducted in Target 2016 Programme.

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