Indian Polity for Prelims [Practice Test-1]

Welcome to Indian Polity for Prelims [Practice Test-1]. This Test is made up of 100 questions and you should attempt it in within prescribed time of 2 hours. Please attempt this test as many time as many possible with two outcomes in mind: (1) You should be able to score 200/200 after your  practice multiple times (2) you should be able to explain each question without referring to other sources. Kindly leave your comments to ask doubts and inform us of any discrepancy etc.

Time Remaining: 7200 Seconds

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  • kamal_oldspice

    I am not able to submit my test


      Submit button appears when you are at last question.

  • Yuvaraja Sellamuthu

    I can’t submit my test because submit button is not working in last page.


      Hello Yuvaraja, submit button comes at the last question. Once u submit, the site will calculate the score and let you know. Its ajax function and internet connection is needed only in beginning and when submitting test. Please check a random quiz or test and see if it works.