Current General Studies (CGS) Archive

2017-CGS-9 [March 6, 2017]

GS-I: Indian Society 1. Sports Leagues and Commercialization of Sports The commercialization of sports in India started in 2008 with the inauguration of Indian Premier League (IPL) in cricket. This was followed by an array of such leagues including Hockey India League, Indian Badminton League, Pro-Kabaddi League, Pro-wrestling League, Hero I-League, Indian Women’s League and

2017-CGS-8 [February 27, 2017]

GS-III- Science and Technology Developments; GS-II: Governance Related Issues Aadhaar and E-KYC: Various Issues Reliance JIO and other telecom operators in these days are relying on Aadhaar data for customer verification before activating the SIM Cards. This article analyzes how such private players are able to access the Aadhaar data and what are issues related

2017-CGS-7 [February 20, 2017]

1. Duties and Functions of Controller General of Accounts (CGA) During April-December 2016, the fiscal deficit of the government had reached 93.6% of the government estimates. This implies that government will miss the targets and fiscal deficit may be more than 105% by the end of April. Similarly, revenue deficit may be around 114% of

2017-Mains CGS-6 {February 6, 2017}

GS-II: Social Justice, Employment 1. Trends in Employment Elasticity in India Employment elasticity is a measure of the percentage change in employment associated with a 1% change in economic growth. It indicates the ability of an economy to generate employment opportunities for its population as per cent of its growth process. This implies that when

2017-Mains CGS-5 {January 30, 2017}

Model Questions Why it is argued that development model should be demand-driven? Discuss. In your view, what can be implications of making governor devoid of his power to reserve bills for presidential assent? Critically discuss while keeping in focus article 200 of the constitution. “Despite many flaws that demand reform, India’s PDS (Public Distribution System)

2017-Mains CGS-4 {January 23, 2017}

Model Questions For Mains In the light of various problems faced by CAPART, do you think that CAPART should be disbanded? Suggest any alternative way for NGO-Government partnership in development industry of the country. With suitable examples, discuss the reasons behind rise of National-Populists across the world in recent years. In recent years, production of

2017-Mains CGS-3 {January 9, 2017}

Model Questions Examine the possible implications of the policy of reservation of jobs for local residents of a state on labour mobility and economy in general. “Personal genomics can play a very promising role in the field of health sector around the world in future”. What do you understand by personal genomics and how does

2017-CGS-2: December 26, 2016 to January 2, 2017

Mains Model Questions India’s Border Area Development Programme (BADP) not only provides comprehensive approach to Border Management, but also focuses on socio-economic development of the people living in border areas. Critically discuss the success and failures of this programme with respect to India’s borders on eastern and western front. How the technology developments are useful

2017-CGS-1: December 20 to 25, 2016

Articles / Monographs Key Scientific Inventions of 2016 [For Prelims] The role of science in inventions cannot be overlooked. From the spinning wheel and the steam engine to modern warfare and supercomputers, science and technology has profoundly influenced human civilization. Scientific revolutions have gained speed and have become more and more advanced  with every passing century, that

CGS-25 to 30: GS Mains 2016 [Part-2: Questions & Answers]

This is the second part of CGS-25-30. This part has 100 questions and answers on current issues and topics including select topics from our previous CGS Modules and has been written keeping revision of major topics within less time. Pro-Kabaddi What changes have taken place in Kabaddi over the ages? What contribution has been of